Grow Youth Theatre

Growtheatre Youth Theatre – Have Fun, Make Friends, Make Theatre!

Growtheatre’s ethos is to bring theatre and the outdoors together to develop the whole child.  

We have taken the decision to remain running our Growtheatre Sessions online during the Autumn Term. We are moving all sessions back to Thursday evenings, seeing as all children and young people will now be back at school but need to make a few tweaks to timings of the Junior and Intermediate Groups to allow time for everyone to log on and arrive in time.

“You all did such an amazing job of making it a success  last term and it was a great link to normal life so a huge thank you.”

Parent of a Youth Theatre Member

Juniors (School Years 3 & 4), Intermediates (School Years 5 to 7) and Seniors (School Years 8 +). 

During the course of each year, youth theatre members learn a whole host of drama, design, performance and outdoor skills. They are encouraged to work independently and imaginatively and to consider how the outdoor spaces might inspire them. Youth theatre members come to understand the importance of collaboration and creativity and are given many opportunities to take ownership of the creative process. Towards the end of each year we work towards making a piece of vibrant outdoor theatre that is performed in an outdoor location.

To apply, please fill in the Growtheatre Youth Theatre Booking Form by clicking on the link 

“I can’t tell you how impressed and surprised I was with my daughter’s confidence and expression during her performance. As a child who has always been reserved and never puts herself forward it is incredible to see her take a lead role and deliver it with such passion and self-assurance. I am not only extremely proud of my daughter but incredibly grateful to you and all the team at Growtheatre for the amazing work you do. You are truly enriching my daughter’s life and helping her develop into a confident and creative young lady.”  

Parent of a Youth Theatre Member

Youth Theatre Dates, 2020 – 2021

Juniors (School Years 2, 3 and 4) Thursday evening 4.50 – 5.50

Intermediates (School Years 5, 6 and 7) Thursday evening 6.00 – 7.30

Seniors (School Years 8 +) Thursday evening 7.40 – 9:10

Autumn (12 weeks)  17, 24, September 01, 08, 15, 22 October Half Term 05, 12, 19, 26 November, 03, 10 December.


Come and try Growtheatre Youth Theatre for free and decide whether it is for you.

We ask that you pay termly, the cost per session is:  Juniors: £6.00, Intermediates & Seniors:  £7.50

It really matters to us that youth theatre is as open access as possible.  As a result we will be offering some supported places, please do talk to either Rachel if you would like to know more.

Who runs Growthetre Youth Theatre?

Growtheatre Youth Theatre is run by Rachel Newman and Sophie Hunter. They are experienced theatre practitioners with 20 years experience of facilitating theatre and drama work with children and young people in theatres, schools, communities, museums, heritage sites, parks and the countryside.  They first met working at the Crucible Youth Theatre in the 1990s, where they delivered local, national and international workshops and projects that inspired a generation of young people from Sheffield.

All the skills the youth theatre members need – thinking, listening, being challenged, making mistakes, making decisions, communicating, working in groups, leadership, empathy, costume making, building, carving, writing, marketing, photography etc. etc! – will be learnt in weekly sessions or through partnerships we have set up with a team of professionals from the arts, environment and conservation fields.