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For this weeks session we started off with a game led by a member of the group(for his arts award,) who taught us a game which was Musical Statues with a twist. The twist was, we got put in pairs and if one us moved then both people in the pair were out. Some people liked dancing more than others!

We also played another game called Laser Eyes; when you all stand in a tight shoulder-to-shoulder circle. When the leader says ‘Look up’ you look up at someone across the circle. If you make eye contact with someone you screamed and jumped back.

The acting team were working on the final scene of the show – scene 6. I don’t know what happened because I’m in the design group!

In the design team we had a chat led by a member of the group who is doing Arts Award. We all got assigned a character in the play and we had to make their costumes. All of the costumes are modernised versions of the Shakespeare characters (e.g Lady Macbeth and Richard III are smart business wo/men and Hamlet is a thug in a baseball cap and hoodie). My character, Orphelia is wearing a flowery skirt and top. I worked with another member of the group and we made a donkey head out of willow for Bottom. Someone else who is doing their Arts Award came round and took head shots of us all for the program they are making.

– Lola, Senior Group Youth Theatre member

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