The Mystery Of The Factory In The Woods

The Mystery Of The Factory In The Woods An Audio Adventure and Guided Walk

Embark on an amazing audio adventure through time, take a guided walk to discover stories of Ecclesall Woods and learn how archaeology can teach us how to understand the past: songs, stories and incredible facts for all the family!

Audio Adventure Trailer can be listened to here.

Audio Adventure can be downloaded here.

Guided Walk Map and  Instructions can both be downloaded here.  Map & Instructions can also be picked up at J.G. Graves Woodland Centre (opening times only).

MP3 players are available to borrow from the J.G. Graves Woodland Centre (opening times only).



The Mystery Of The Factory In The Woods is a partnership project between Growtheatre, University of Sheffield’s Department of Archaeology and Sheffield City Council Woodland Section and supported by the University of Sheffield’s Arts Enterprise Fund.

The Mystery Of The Factory In The Woods

Performers and Contributors  Maya Seligman, Toby Pillatt, Stacey Sampson, Alfie Hall, Anjolena Richardson, Dillon Butt, Hazel Platt, Isaac Wood, Luca Walton Ryan, Phoebe Mead, Milly Wainwright, Lenny Wainwright, Victoria Worthington, Sam Brommage, Isabel Shephard and Nick Nuttgens

Music and Sound Design  Moony Wainwright

Written and Directed  Rachel Newman

Audio Adventure and Guided Walk Graphic Design Ryan Morley from Bird and Bee

Our grateful thanks go to:

Sophie Hunter, Bob Johnston and Toby Pillatt

2nd year archaeology students Sam, Victoria, Kate, Fay, Rob and Nick.

Catherine Nuttgens, Nell Dixon, Isabel Shepherd, Jon Dallow and John Gilpin

Milly and Lenny Wainwright.

Youth Theatre Members – Intermediate Group.

Theatre In The Woods and Music and Theatre In The Woods 2014 participants

Our willing trail blazers:  Chris, Dorothy, Peter, Alfie, Daisy, Ruth, Teo, Rosa, Nell, Guy, Charlie, Alice, Jenny, Issac, Silas, Moony, Milly, Grace and Lenny.

The photos show some of the fascinating things we got up to with Archaeologists in our quest to unearth stories of the woods!

IMG_6502  IMG_6635

IMG_6628    IMG_6618


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