The Golden Goose

July 1st, 2015 | Posted by Rachel - (0 Comments)

Our Intermediate Youth Theatre produced and performed a fantastic promenade show called the Golden Goose.  It was LOOSELY based on the Brothers Grimm tale but had become something far more fanciful and bizarre than the original.  We are so proud of them!

They have brought amazing levels of creativity, imagination and consideration to the show and it was a lovely product of their collective imaginations.  All scenes, ideas, props and costumes came from the young people in our Thursday sessions.

Well done to all our  lovely members in the Intermediate Group!

Feedback from audience members has included, “Just wanted to say what a fabulous day we all have had, the performance was absolutely amazing. So creative, original and brilliantly funny.  All the kids thrive and it is so evident how much they adore Growtheatre. Long may it continue.”

A few photos.

IMG_20150628_160727 IMG_20150628_165156 IMG_20150628_165907




Since Easter we have been out working outdoors with both our Youth Theatre groups and we have been so lucky with the weather.  Everyone’s projection is building as they get to grips with outdoor theatre and they are completely getting how they can use the environment to inspire and enhance their performances.  Our recently formed Junior Group are building drama and teamwork skills through the use of games and improvisation. The Intermediate Group are busy devising, rehearsing and making things for our summer show The Golden Goose how lucky we are to do all this in the glorious setting of Ecclesall Woods.


Junior Youth Theatre’s First Sharing

April 23rd, 2015 | Posted by Rachel - (0 Comments)

Parents and siblings of our lovely junior group members were invited to come and see what they had been up to in their first term. For much of the term we have been working on key drama and wood working skills and our theme has been pirates.  Our visitors were invited outside to visit our pirate galleon.  They  heard how we had chopped, whittled and drilled sticks to make a range of props to use in our performance.  They also met and interviewed the fiercest pirates on the seven sea, before watching then perform. And, just when they felt they might be safe they found themselves in front of the Pirate King talking for their lives! A lot of fun was had by all and a particular mention should go out to one of our guests, 11 year old Ethan, who was forced to walk the plank!

Bring on the new term – time to go deeper into the woods.




Physical Theatre and Magical Transformations

February 25th, 2015 | Posted by Rachel - (0 Comments)

Growtheatre Intermediates have been exploring physical theatre to find imaginative stories.  Here we are exploring how we can use ourselves to show large and tiny characters (like ogres, lions and mice) and magical transformations (do you remember how the Ogre in Puss In Boots transforms into a lion and then a mouse?).  An interesting challenge!  The photos below show youth theatre members exploring how this might be done. They then took what they discovered and learnt outside to find suitable locations to create a magical transformation scene.  They produced some brilliant scenes, with a back drop of dark and light and snow!


February 11th, 2015 | Posted by Rachel - (0 Comments)

Much fun was had in our last Junior Group session creating frozen pictures of disaster stories!  The group is working really well together and is doing a brilliant job of learning fundamental drama and performance skills.

IMG_7085 IMG_7097 IMG_7095 IMG_7094 IMG_7090 IMG_7089

In our first term together, the Junior Group are spending some time during each session learning about basic tool work.  We started with long branches and the members learnt how to use loppers to cut them into a stick of required length.  In this session they are learning how to whittle – first they start with peelers and when they have gained the skills they will move onto using a whittling knife.  Watch this blog spot over the next few weeks to see how they will change a branch/stick into an amazing prop to perform with!

IMG_7077 IMG_7082 IMG_7071 IMG_7073 IMG_7075

Fire and Snow

January 23rd, 2015 | Posted by Rachel - (0 Comments)

Fantastic youth theatre sessions last night… Intermediate group was enjoyably crazy: creating amazing stories with shadows, fire & snow! 

New member, Adrian, said this was the best session yet because we were outside all evening – just goes to show that the dark, snow and cold doesn’t need to stop you having fun and making theatre!

IMG_4971  1012436_446967165451444_7420274299947405065_n 10940408_446967185451442_1965864752981543917_n  10931235_446967222118105_3432246282985409512_n 10952394_446967175451443_1420799295476228910_n10923231_446967205451440_4081224262946161677_n  10943905_446967242118103_6729718027622897873_n 10246690_446967255451435_1008067268799591032_n

First Junior Growtheatre Session

January 15th, 2015 | Posted by Rachel - (0 Comments)

It was lovely to start our new Juniors Group tonight – everyone who came was friendly and full of the fun. We were impressed by how they all got stuck in and had a go at everything!

Our older group were challenged to devise and perform outside in near darkness – lots of great lighting opportunities with torches – see pics!

Great sessions both groups!




Youth Theatre started again last night and we had a fun packed Bring A Friend session – we loved meeting your friends and were impressed how they threw themselves into everything. Everyone came out buzzing.

New year’s resolution – bring a better camera to the session… here are a few photos, not good quality I am afraid but capturing good quality performances!




Light Up The Hill

January 9th, 2015 | Posted by Rachel - (0 Comments)

Growtheatre has had an amazing time participating in the Wincobank Light Up The Hill event.  Working with film maker Ellie Ragdale, young people from Wincobank and the Roots Of Iron Project a brief history of Wincobank Hill was created as an awesome animation film.  It was projected onto Sheffield’s Bling Bus and shown on top of the hill as part of the Light Up The Hill Celebrations.  We think that the young film makers did a fantastic job – here is the film!

Light up the Hill from Ellie Ragdale on Vimeo.