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Musical Half Term

This Half Term, the senior group have been working with music and exploring how it can create effect and change the atmosphere of a scene. We developed our understanding on music in performance by practising using games which Paige and Rachel had prepared. For example, for one of the games we were split into three groups then and given three different songs (Park Life, Mission Impossible, Funeral March). From this we we had to take it in turns to go up and create a scene using improvisation and the music we were given. We were advised not to use dialogue and not to plan ahead. This made us focus on the music and the character we were creating. We then had to go up one by one and either add to a previous section or create a new scene. We had to freeze in position before we left the scene.

We then used what we learnt to create a performance in groups. Our brief was to include music and the theme of truths and lies. In one group, we used the Funeral March as the music to start the performance. This was because of the slow and sinister atmosphere we wanted to create. In our performance we were a group of pathologists about to perform an autopsy. We decided to use a little bit of dialogue throughout and tried to focus on the on the tempo of the music. Our twist around the stimulus of truths and lies was that one of our pathologists was under cover and actually was there to steal the body.

In another group we decided to use the song ‘Park Life’. Our piece focused on a stabbing that occurred in a park. We used this plot as we believed that it could link successfully with secrets and lies. At the beginning of the performance we created a ‘park scene’ by incorporating ideas from the the game we had played before. Whilst the song was playing, we all portrayed different movements and gestures to communicate to the audience what setting our piece took place in.

Blog Written by Gracie and Beth – Growtheatre Seniors

It’s showtime!

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What a term! We have had a fantastic term with Growtheatre, it has been filled with fun, laughter, and most importantly adventure. This Sunday saw our Junior and Intermediate groups perform their Summer Sharing, assisted by a handful of our wonderful Seniors giving the audience a taste of what they have been working on.

Small but mighty is the best way to describe our Junior group. They have worked extremely hard this term and created a brilliant piece of work that explored the poems Ivy, Magpie and Conker from the Lost Words book. They also spent some time beautifully crafting their own costumes to wear and we think they did an amazing job!

The Intermediates put on a show stopper performance which not only allowed their audience to jump into the pages of the Lost Words, but took them on a journey as they used the woods to explore their chosen poems. The Intermediate group work so well as a group and really took their time to make sure every scene was perfect!

Last but not least a massive Thank you to the Seniors who have provided us with lots of laughter and creativeness this term. As this group performed at Easter, they were allowed to choose what we explored every week, from improvisation to stage combat and even having the honour of working on an original play by one of Growtheatre’s very own, we have had a fantastic term with them and they never fail to amaze us with their ideas and enthusiasm.

I can’t help thinking #childhoodunplugged when I think of Grow Theatre. I strongly believe you are providing something very special, and in a similar vein to The Lost Words, you are offering beautiful experiences and opportunities that are being lost – or have already disappeared – from other avenues. Parent of child that attends Growtheatre.

We are very proud of all three groups and we can’t wait to see what next year brings! – Paige, Rachel, Sophie.

This newspaper’s made for … wearing?

What can you do with a newspaper? Our seniors had a fantastic session where they took your everyday entertainment item and transformed pieces of paper into magnificent, extraordinary characters!

The group manipulated, cut, shredded, twisted, shaped, tied and stuck parts of newspapers together to create characters and paraded them in their very own mini fashion show! We met a wonderful pirate called Red Handed Roger, a fairy with beautiful constructed wings and a queen that LOVED heinz ketchup?!

Each group did an amazing job, taking stories from newspapers, bringing them to life through their characters and creating ensembles that possibly could give high end designers a run for their money! See below for the fantastic creations!

Is there anything they can’t do? – Paige

Lights, Camera, Action!

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Warning: Extreme amounts of praise and electronic applause ahead!

At the Youth Theatre this week, our Senior group had their sharing. Families and Friends were invited to come and watch their work which they have been working extremely hard on for the past few weeks. And what a night it was!

The session was filled with a wonderful script, lighting and directing by 3 very talented members, and performed with the highest of standards by a wonderful cast of senior members. A comedic section of improvisation that opened up the floor between the actor and the audience, and had the whole room stunned with the level of improvising these members could do on the spot. And a wonderfully choreographed physical theatre piece that transported their audience behind the four walls of family life, and through the use of movement, explored the lives of 6 characters, who showed struggles families can approach sometimes.

I know I speak on behalf of myself, Rachel and Sophie by saying we can not congratulate the Senior group enough for the work they have created, we are very very proud of you and you should all be so pleased with the pieces of work you created! You are all such a talented and lovely bunch of young adults, an absolute pleasure to work with each week! – Paige

Juniors and Intermediates

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What a week!

We have had such an exciting and over whelming week at Growtheatre! Our two youngest groups have had a wonderful time outside in the woods this week! Not only did we manage to be explorers creating in the woods, but we also welcomed loads of new friends to our session and it was very lovely to be able to bring a friend to share our fun theatre activities!

We are working from a wonderful and beautifully illustrated book called ‘The Lost Words’, and is a book that has been created to save words that are being taken out from the Children’s Dictionary.

We have been taking inspiration from one of the wonderful poems, Magpie, and exploring how we can bring the words off the paper and bring them to life through the use of freeze frames, physical theatre, speech and sound! Both groups have worked fantastically and it has been brilliant to be able to develop their ideas whilst using nature and being in the woods!


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This week we worked more on our group projects (I’m in the physical theatre group), after playing some games. 
Paige introduced us to a new game which was fun. One person begins a mime to set the scene and then someone else comes in, establishes a relationship, and then creates a problem. Then someone else comes in a fixes it. Repeat!! Each week we have learnt a new exercise for improvisation and I’ve really enjoyed it. 

Another game we played is called Guess The Leader, where someone is leading actions and the person in the middle has to guess who. Rachel encouraged those of us in the physical theatre group to have a go at leading. It’s hard to think of lots of movements but it’s definitely good practice!

Then we moved on to group work. On Wednesday evening I watched a school show involving lots of physical theatre so I felt inspired! We started devising our first scene, thinking how we could include little physical bits. I think it turned out really well! My favourite bit so far is the main character is getting increasingly stressed so we are all banging on the table to make it really unbearable and then we stop at the exact moment she puts her headphones in. It works so well! I’m really proud of our group this week and I hope it goes this well in other weeks too. 
– Maya, Senior Youth Theatre Member

Intermediates 08/02/2019

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Improvising with The Intermediates

Improvisation? Hard? Not for our Intermediate group who had a fantastic evening exploring techniques and exciting exercises that developed their skills as performers! The group has worked so well as a team this week, especially when they have been working on exercises that they create on the spot! They were so accepting of each others ideas and had so much fun thinking of new and imaginative characters! The group took us to a party with a werewolf, a car ride with a vampire and managed to beat a personal record in one of their favourite games!

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!

We have had such a fun week at the Youth Theatre! Our evening started with an adventure to meet the Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf with our Junior Group, recreating the scene where The Big Bad Wolf knocks on the door of Three Little Pigs house made of bricks! The Junior group learnt all about Narration and had so much fun with adding narration and freeze frames into their scenes! Each week they continue to amaze us with their enthusiasm and energy, always wanting to learn more!

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What an evening with the Youth Theatre! With the Juniors, we worked really hard as a group to develop our approaches to Physical Theatre and we did this by looking at classical fairy-tales! We looked at a certain moment from these stories and found a way to dramatise the story by using physical theatre and shapes!

The Intermediates had so much fun tonight ‘devising with props’! We got to look at different props and determine a different way of using them! We had all sorts of fun and creative objects, my personal favourite was a scarf that was really a snake! The groups worked fantastically together creating their own scenes, it was wonderful to see such bonding and listening to each others ideas to make sure everyone had an equal role to play!

Creative juices were flowing tonight with our Senior group! We had fun playing improvising activities, especially with the props, and seeing what imaginative ideas we could come up with! Then the group put their imaginative thinking caps on to plan their final pieces based around Script work, improvising, lighting, film, physical theatre and more! We are very much excited to see what the next few coming weeks bring!

~ Paige 

Youth Theatre

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We had a fantastic session at the Youth Theatre last night, all three groups were brilliant! From using The Three Little Pigs in the Junior session and working on our freeze frames, crashing into a mystical land looking at role play with a mischievous elf with the Intermediates, and exploring some exciting and challenging options with the Seniors such as script work, physical theatre, stage combat AND improvisation – it was a fun filled and wonderful evening in the woods!

Here is a picture of the Junior session having fun with their freeze frames as The Three Little Pigs Tale! OINK!

– Paige