I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!

We have had such a fun week at the Youth Theatre! Our evening started with an adventure to meet the Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf with our Junior Group, recreating the scene where The Big Bad Wolf knocks on the door of Three Little Pigs house made of bricks! The Junior group learnt all about Narration and had so much fun with adding narration and freeze frames into their scenes! Each week they continue to amaze us with their enthusiasm and energy, always wanting to learn more!

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What an evening with the Youth Theatre! With the Juniors, we worked really hard as a group to develop our approaches to Physical Theatre and we did this by looking at classical fairy-tales! We looked at a certain moment from these stories and found a way to dramatise the story by using physical theatre and shapes!

The Intermediates had so much fun tonight ‘devising with props’! We got to look at different props and determine a different way of using them! We had all sorts of fun and creative objects, my personal favourite was a scarf that was really a snake! The groups worked fantastically together creating their own scenes, it was wonderful to see such bonding and listening to each others ideas to make sure everyone had an equal role to play!

Creative juices were flowing tonight with our Senior group! We had fun playing improvising activities, especially with the props, and seeing what imaginative ideas we could come up with! Then the group put their imaginative thinking caps on to plan their final pieces based around Script work, improvising, lighting, film, physical theatre and more! We are very much excited to see what the next few coming weeks bring!

~ Paige 

Youth Theatre

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We had a fantastic session at the Youth Theatre last night, all three groups were brilliant! From using The Three Little Pigs in the Junior session and working on our freeze frames, crashing into a mystical land looking at role play with a mischievous elf with the Intermediates, and exploring some exciting and challenging options with the Seniors such as script work, physical theatre, stage combat AND improvisation – it was a fun filled and wonderful evening in the woods!

Here is a picture of the Junior session having fun with their freeze frames as The Three Little Pigs Tale! OINK!

– Paige

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An Even Better Arbourthorne

The Real Junk Food Project Market Stall!

An Even Better Arbourthorne has had their first market stall today with The Real Junk Food Project in Sheffield and it was a fantastic success! The stall was run by a group of Year 5 children from Arbourthorne Community Primary School whom helped sell a variety of fruit, vegetables, bread and canned goods to the Arbourthorne Community, all for a £1.00 a bag! 

An Even Better Arbourthorne

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An Even Better Arbourthorne

Growtheatre has been working on a brand new and exciting initiative recently and we would like to share all the brilliant news the project has brought upon us! An Even Better Arbourthorne is a project that aims to develop and create fantastic, long-term opportunities to build a better future for the children, their families and the Arbourthorne Community! Growtheatre has been presented with the wonderful opportunity to create a partnership with Arbourthorne Community Primary School, to provide support with the running of the project. Throughout An Even Better Arbourthorne, we are setting up a range of early projects and schemes that will begin to address: Food Poverty, Fuel Poverty, Health and Nutrition, Enterprise and Local Action!

Here are just some of the fantastic schemes people are getting involved with!

  • Family Feast – cooking and sharing food together at the school’s Family Feast sessions.
  • The Big Dig – gathering a team to work on the school’s community house garden to plant lots of lovely fruit and vegetables.
  • Fuel Strand – finding ways to reduce the costs of energy in homes.
  • Community Fridge – we have applied to the Community Fridge Network for a fridge and freezer and plan to redistribute surplus food through a Community Fridge scheme. We will also develop food, nutrition and cooking projects connected with the Fridge.
  • Action Stations! – a small grants scheme put in place to provide small amounts of money to support ideas that would benefit the community.

The project has had a brilliant reception from parent volunteers, staff and children in Arbourthorne and has had some fantastic supporters such as;

  • Experience Days (www.experiencedays.co.uk)
  • TeamSport Karting Sheffield (https://www.team-sport.co.uk/go-karting-sheffield/)
  • Monkey Bizness (https://www.monkey-bizness.co.uk/indoor-play-centres/sheffield)
  • Sheffield Sharks (http://sheffieldsharks.co.uk/)
  •  Co-op Northern Avenue, Arbourthorne


We look forward to sharing more news on An Even Better Arbourthorne Project over the next coming months!



Volunteering with Growtheatre

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After a whole year of working with Growtheatre it is nice to reflect on the wonderful time I have been able to share with the Youth Theatre facilitators and the participants! Working with all three groups on a Thursday evening is a fantastic way of learning how to interact with different age groups and also see just how developed the groups are right from Juniors, through Intermediates and into the Seniors.

Being a volunteer with the theatre group has also allowed my own learning to expand vastly. Working with drama and nature at the same time has opened my eyes to whole other ways of developing and exploring theatre, whilst playing lots of games and having loads and loads of fun every week! As well as studying drama and other elements of performance, Growtheatre also offers a unique opportunity to get involved with and learn new skills such as design work, whittling, building fires and many more! Activities in which I love assisting in with each group!

Growtheatre is like no other company I have worked with before and each week is filled with brand new and exciting experiences and opportunities, a year on and I can’t wait for many more sessions to come with the Theatre group!


– Paige Liddle

Growtheatre Volunteer



Last Thursday evening the woods were alive with the sounds of laughter and applause for the amazing young people who attend our Youth Theatre.  We had 3 shows in different parts of the woods; every single young person did themselves proud and created an amazing evening for family and friends.  We are very proud of them!

We would also like to thank members of our oldest group for writing blogs for us since Easter – they have done an awesome job in sharing their sessions.

Bee Friendly!

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Growtheatre has been working with young people from the New Start Centre at Hinde House Secondary School on a project funded by Grow Wild. Pupils have worked alongside community partners from the Flower Estate in Wincobank, both the secondary and primary schools, Haythorne Place residential home, Wincobank Upper Chapel and Flower Estate Family Action. We have been working together to create a trail of planters full of UK native wild flowers that have been especially chosen to attract bees! On Tuesday we planted up the planters and had a great time running fun stalls and celebrating all the brilliant work that young people have done to design, create, plant up these planters. Community partners were thrilled to receive them and now have a colourful and bee friendly planter on the grounds.

We have received some great feedback which is lovely!

“What a successful project- staff and pupils were certainly buzzing (!!) on Tuesday – the launch day. Thank you so much for thinking of us; it was great how you tailored everything to the NSC pupils’ needs and the change of budget whilst still delivering an extremely valuable, coherent and exciting  learning experience.  The community aspect of the project is invaluable.  Please let us know when we can work with you again in the future.”  Assistant Head – Hinde House Secondary School

“We at Upper Wincobank Chapel are thrilled with the planter and were very impressed with the activities the young people had produced. Thank you so much for letting us have the decorated cans, beautiful bunting and the games resources to use at our garden party on Saturday.  I was particularly delighted to find a member of the public watering the planter today.  She had walked past it with her dog and came back with a bottle of water for the wild flowers.  We had a chat and she said how lovely it was.  Many thanks to the young people and adults who supported them, and to the funders for this inspiring addition to our garden.”  Community Partner

“Thanks again for hosting me yesterday – the event was a real pleasure to visit and the planters look fantastic! The pupils were great, and it was especially heartening to see how well they ran their activities at the primary school: they should be really proud of themselves.” Grow Wild Project Manager

Tomato hands and crazy costumes!

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This week we had a dress rehearsal. I’m playing Lady Macbeth so my costume is ‘business woman’ style.  We looked like a bizarre bunch as we headed into the woods because there are lots of different types of costume (and lots are weird)! I missed the past two sessions because I was in France, but while I was away I learnt my lines so I was feeling prepared!

Sophie had helpfully labelled lots of bags with our names and sorted everyone’s props and costumes into them. When we got to the clearing in the woods, we set these props and costumes and then we were ready to start.

We ran through the whole show, although we had to stop a few times.  I think we could do with a couple more weeks to rehearse, but we have some time before the show on Thursday so I hope we can polish things up then.

One funny thing that happened is… my character Lady Macbeth helps murder someone in the actual play, which drives her insane. In our production, I am mad at the start because of the ‘evil spirits’. At the end, once Puck has got rid of the spirits, I am sane again. To show this transition, the design group decided I should have fake blood on my hands at the start, which I wash off.

This week, we put a little too much on, and we had nothing to take the blood off with. The result was that I had tomato-red hands! I looked more sunburnt than murderous! ☺

I need to remember…

• To not turn my back to the audience

• My lines and cues!

• To set my props correctly

• Make-up wipes!

Maya, Senior Group Youth Theatre Member

Rehearsing Everything…

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In the senior group this week, we rehearsed the whole of this year’s summer performance. We made sure that we had our cues and positions correct and made minor improvements to the performance to make it better.
At the beginning of the session we played a game called park bench which I really enjoyed. The aim of the game was to use traits and the personality of your character in order to force somebody else (also in character) off of their throne. You had to come up with ideas off the top of your head to either make your character seem bold and brave or smart, to get the other person off, or defend your character to keep your place on the throne. Once you were on the throne, you had to choose what you said and did carefully so that you didn’t get overpowered and had to leave your throne. This game was led by another member of the senior group and it was very fun.
The rest of the session was spent working on our performance and developing the costumes. The skills I improved on are:

  • Being aware of others on stage
  • Quick thinking
  • Carrying on no matter what ­

Greg, Senior group Youth Theatre member

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