Company Three Event … Part 2!

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Company Three Event … Part 2!

Last week, we published a blog from the brilliant Maya who shared her experience at the Company Three Event! This week, Lauren has written us a lovely piece about her time with the Coronavirus Time Capsule and the event we attended!

During a summer term blighted by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, Company 3’s Coronavirus Time capsule had been a brilliant way to stay creative, connected and engaged in a time of Separation. As Grow Theatre and the Time Capsule project drew to a close, I was really pleased to be offered a chance to take part in Company Three’s final workshop.
Unsure of what to expect, I joined the Zoom meeting and waited to be admitted to the meeting room like every zoom meeting ever. However, this was far more than just another, dull, stilted and detached zoom conversation. I entered a screen coloured with about 100 other young people and their drama leaders and of course members of company three themselves.

The meeting had already started when I arrived and Jamael Westman (star of Hamilton) gave a short speech about the importance of the project and shared some of his reflections on history and current events. He mentioned David Starkey’s media comments, The Black Lives Matter movement, and the Government’s handling of and narrative around the pandemic. I was really interested his focus on who gets to record and be represented by history. Despite it having Time Capsule in the title, I had not really thought about the project’s contribution to understanding the pandemic as a historical event and the idea excited me. We then split into groups with a facilitator. I had great fun sharing a poem I had written about the project and getting to know young people from all around the UK. All from the comfort of my bedroom. It was incredible being able to generate a feeling of like-mindedness in such a short time. Especially when meeting in real life was currently seen by some as dangerous.

Undoubtedly the best bit of the experience was coming back together as one massive group. Some young people then got the opportunity to share their work and it was amazing to part of their experience of sharing work in front of such a big audience. Never have I been in a Zoom session with such good will, vibrancy, energy and kindness. It was overall a joyful, creative experience and a lesson in the power of art and connectivity in times of isolation. – Lauren

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