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After a few weeks of lockdown, we were missing our youth theatre member so much! We decided to start to investigate how we might meet online and continue to be creative together in lockdown. After many hours of investigating and researching how this might work for us we launched Growtheatre Youth Theatre Online. It has been a real learning journey that our lovely members have got on board with and helped us to slowly surely get right! I look forward to every session so much as they are full of fun, creativity, friendship and some really good chats!

We try and make our sessions as dynamic as possible and get our members working both indoors and outside. Household objects, amazing finds in our gardens and backyards, the whole family’s wardrobes and pets, cuddly toys and plastic fish have made their way into our sessions. I am very grateful to our parents for being so supportive of Growtheatre, whilst their children raid their homes and gardens during sessions!!! And for also sending us so many positive and kind messages.

We have had quite a few children and young people join Growtheatre Youth Theatre Online – everyone has commented that it has been great to be able to make new friends during this time! An unexpected surprise is that geography is not a barrier to joining the Youth Theatre during lockdown and Evie, our amazing volunteer who is a student at the University of Sheffield, has continued to volunteer with us from her family home in Hertfordshire and her 2 younger sisters have joined our Junior and Intermediate groups too!

Enough from me – lets hear from our Youth Theatre members about their sessions.


“I have been making potions, making costumes acting stories and running off to get things out the garden and in the house. I think it is way more better than being on a screen all the time. Plus I get to see my friends more often! The games are really fun. Thank you!” Leo


“I have really enjoyed Growtheatre online. It is really nice to see my peers and meet new people, even if it is just virtually. It is fun trying out new versions of games that can work online. Though I prefer doing Growtheatre in person, it’s really nice to do what I love again as acting is not something that is easy to do at home with a sister or brother. Although not everyone can get outside, it has been really fun finding ways to incorporate things outdoors with acting online. The sessions I loved most were the ones where we had a theme and focused on it for the whole session. For example, I loved the time our theme was about magic and we created potions using outdoor materials, wrote a spell together and performed it in groups for our peers.” Sophia

“Doing drama online is fun but at the same time is a bit strange. I have enjoyed meeting new people and playing new games, I especially enjoy Mafia, that is super fun. I love all the sessions and everyone is so different and full of great ideas. Also, I like how every week when we do different challenges, there is a different theme. Like when we got to go outside and make potions. I don’t live in Sheffield, and have just joined for the online sessions. Everyone has been really kind and positive to me and I really appreciate that.” Isla


“I’m a member of the Senior Group at Growtheatre and because of the coronavirus, we haven’t been able to meet up like we normally would, so this half term we’ve been meeting via zoom. At first this was quite strange and difficult to get used to but since the weeks went on it became clear what wasn’t possible, which would normally be possible in our sessions; but also what we could do and experiment with which would otherwise be impossible. Games and activities have a whole new experience to them now and it’s very fun. I really enjoy being able to see everyone in the Senior Group during the current pandemic, which might not have been possible if it weren’t for the opportunities that meeting online provided.

This half term we’ve been taking part in the Coronavirus time capsule. This is an international project run by Company 3 in London and its aim is to document how young people are living in the current state of the world, being forced to stay home, not being able to see friends, etc. Every week we made a short film with everyone in the group being involved, each time talking about a different aspect of our new COVID lives. In the session we would discuss the theme that had been set for that week and split into small groups where we talked about what are plans were. We could then make our contributions to the film by ourselves and it would be edited together for us to see the next week. It’s been great fun since it lets everyone’s unique and individual ideas be shared with everyone. It’s always fun seeing each other’s parts of the film when we show it in the weekly meetings with lots of laughs and some very creative approaches to the brief. It’s been a great half term with lots of fun despite everyone being stuck at home!” Dillon

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