Tinsley NI – weeks 3 and 4

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Drama work continues at Tinsley NI.

Week Three: After a lot of snow and disruption, the teachers had done less drama during the week than they had hoped to.  It was a much harder week this week as it became clear that the majority of the children – many of whom have SO little language – are just not able to contribute word based ideas to drama exercises. After two slightly sticky sessions with the classes in the morning, in the afternoon we listened to the music created by one of the classes last week, and worked and added more sounds and rhythm and mimed drama work, and everything flowed far better… it was such a lesson in communication without language!

Week Four: As a result of last week’s non-language revelations, we agreed that this week the sessions needed to be about mime and movement and telling stories with our bodies, not with words. The children need to build their arsenal of drama techniques, and we need to find ways to boost their confidence in front of each other.  Not only are we asking them to perform, but we have been asking them to perform in a language that most of them are not comfortable using yet.

Thankfully, it worked, and it was wonderful to see all the children responding, especially those that have no English and who just cannot access 90% of the work going on in class. The teachers were excited too, thrilled that the hard-to-reach children had participated in building sound pictures and in whole-class sound/movement improvisations.

Next week they are looking at the story of Cinderella, so we will use the same framework and hopefully continue to have more positive results…

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