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October 27th, 2019 | Posted by Rachel in ******** Uncategorized

Musical Half Term

This Half Term, the senior group have been working with music and exploring how it can create effect and change the atmosphere of a scene. We developed our understanding on music in performance by practising using games which Paige and Rachel had prepared. For example, for one of the games we were split into three groups then and given three different songs (Park Life, Mission Impossible, Funeral March). From this we we had to take it in turns to go up and create a scene using improvisation and the music we were given. We were advised not to use dialogue and not to plan ahead. This made us focus on the music and the character we were creating. We then had to go up one by one and either add to a previous section or create a new scene. We had to freeze in position before we left the scene.

We then used what we learnt to create a performance in groups. Our brief was to include music and the theme of truths and lies. In one group, we used the Funeral March as the music to start the performance. This was because of the slow and sinister atmosphere we wanted to create. In our performance we were a group of pathologists about to perform an autopsy. We decided to use a little bit of dialogue throughout and tried to focus on the on the tempo of the music. Our twist around the stimulus of truths and lies was that one of our pathologists was under cover and actually was there to steal the body.

In another group we decided to use the song ‘Park Life’. Our piece focused on a stabbing that occurred in a park. We used this plot as we believed that it could link successfully with secrets and lies. At the beginning of the performance we created a ‘park scene’ by incorporating ideas from the the game we had played before. Whilst the song was playing, we all portrayed different movements and gestures to communicate to the audience what setting our piece took place in.

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