This newspaper’s made for … wearing?

May 16th, 2019 | Posted by Rachel in ******** Uncategorized

This newspaper’s made for … wearing?

What can you do with a newspaper? Our seniors had a fantastic session where they took your everyday entertainment item and transformed pieces of paper into magnificent, extraordinary characters!

The group manipulated, cut, shredded, twisted, shaped, tied and stuck parts of newspapers together to create characters and paraded them in their very own mini fashion show! We met a wonderful pirate called Red Handed Roger, a fairy with beautiful constructed wings and a queen that LOVED heinz ketchup?!

Each group did an amazing job, taking stories from newspapers, bringing them to life through their characters and creating ensembles that possibly could give high end designers a run for their money! See below for the fantastic creations!

Is there anything they can’t do? – Paige

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