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This week we worked more on our group projects (I’m in the physical theatre group), after playing some games. 
Paige introduced us to a new game which was fun. One person begins a mime to set the scene and then someone else comes in, establishes a relationship, and then creates a problem. Then someone else comes in a fixes it. Repeat!! Each week we have learnt a new exercise for improvisation and I’ve really enjoyed it. 

Another game we played is called Guess The Leader, where someone is leading actions and the person in the middle has to guess who. Rachel encouraged those of us in the physical theatre group to have a go at leading. It’s hard to think of lots of movements but it’s definitely good practice!

Then we moved on to group work. On Wednesday evening I watched a school show involving lots of physical theatre so I felt inspired! We started devising our first scene, thinking how we could include little physical bits. I think it turned out really well! My favourite bit so far is the main character is getting increasingly stressed so we are all banging on the table to make it really unbearable and then we stop at the exact moment she puts her headphones in. It works so well! I’m really proud of our group this week and I hope it goes this well in other weeks too. 
– Maya, Senior Youth Theatre Member

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