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What an evening with the Youth Theatre! With the Juniors, we worked really hard as a group to develop our approaches to Physical Theatre and we did this by looking at classical fairy-tales! We looked at a certain moment from these stories and found a way to dramatise the story by using physical theatre and shapes!

The Intermediates had so much fun tonight ‘devising with props’! We got to look at different props and determine a different way of using them! We had all sorts of fun and creative objects, my personal favourite was a scarf that was really a snake! The groups worked fantastically together creating their own scenes, it was wonderful to see such bonding and listening to each others ideas to make sure everyone had an equal role to play!

Creative juices were flowing tonight with our Senior group! We had fun playing improvising activities, especially with the props, and seeing what imaginative ideas we could come up with! Then the group put their imaginative thinking caps on to plan their final pieces based around Script work, improvising, lighting, film, physical theatre and more! We are very much excited to see what the next few coming weeks bring!

~ PaigeĀ 

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