Tomato hands and crazy costumes!

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This week we had a dress rehearsal. I’m playing Lady Macbeth so my costume is ‘business woman’ style.  We looked like a bizarre bunch as we headed into the woods because there are lots of different types of costume (and lots are weird)! I missed the past two sessions because I was in France, but while I was away I learnt my lines so I was feeling prepared!

Sophie had helpfully labelled lots of bags with our names and sorted everyone’s props and costumes into them. When we got to the clearing in the woods, we set these props and costumes and then we were ready to start.

We ran through the whole show, although we had to stop a few times.  I think we could do with a couple more weeks to rehearse, but we have some time before the show on Thursday so I hope we can polish things up then.

One funny thing that happened is… my character Lady Macbeth helps murder someone in the actual play, which drives her insane. In our production, I am mad at the start because of the ‘evil spirits’. At the end, once Puck has got rid of the spirits, I am sane again. To show this transition, the design group decided I should have fake blood on my hands at the start, which I wash off.

This week, we put a little too much on, and we had nothing to take the blood off with. The result was that I had tomato-red hands! I looked more sunburnt than murderous! ☺

I need to remember…

• To not turn my back to the audience

• My lines and cues!

• To set my props correctly

• Make-up wipes!

Maya, Senior Group Youth Theatre Member

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