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July 4th, 2018 | Posted by Rachel in ******** Uncategorized

In the senior group this week, we rehearsed the whole of this year’s summer performance. We made sure that we had our cues and positions correct and made minor improvements to the performance to make it better.
At the beginning of the session we played a game called park bench which I really enjoyed. The aim of the game was to use traits and the personality of your character in order to force somebody else (also in character) off of their throne. You had to come up with ideas off the top of your head to either make your character seem bold and brave or smart, to get the other person off, or defend your character to keep your place on the throne. Once you were on the throne, you had to choose what you said and did carefully so that you didn’t get overpowered and had to leave your throne. This game was led by another member of the senior group and it was very fun.
The rest of the session was spent working on our performance and developing the costumes. The skills I improved on are:

  • Being aware of others on stage
  • Quick thinking
  • Carrying on no matter what ­

Greg, Senior group Youth Theatre member

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