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This session we focused on scenes 4 and 5 of our show. In the original Pied Piper story, scene 4 is when the corrupt mayor goes back on his promise to pay the Pied Piper. Then scene 5 is when the Piper leads off the townsfolk’s children as revenge.

I was working on the fourth scene and I enjoyed the fact that we got to play our characters as they would normally be, rather than them being driven mad. We decided to have some traditional Shakespearean style music playing in the background to show how all of the town was celebrating and also included some Shakespearean activities like toss the pot.

I enjoyed a game we played at the beginning of the session which was run by a fellow member. It was based on a game called Grandmother’s Footsteps. In it, you have to sneak up behind the ‘grandmother’ and be the first to touch their back, however if the ‘grandmother’ turns around and catches you moving then you get sent back to the start. This version was interesting though as we all had to act as our characters during the game and when the ‘grandmother’ caught you, they had to send you back to the start in the way their character would. For example, somebody was Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and they sent people back to the start using their magic and mischief.

I developed my devising skills this session whilst devising the scene and working on how my characte r, the Porter, would interact with other characters within the play. I also worked on my leadership as I led a game of mafia at the end of the session. In the game, the players have to figure out who has been killing town members. However, I did find it difficult to remember all the different characters so it was a bit confusing, but it went well in the end.

– Dillon, Member of the Senior Youth Theatre Group

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