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On Thursday, we worked more on the scenes that we had started looking at last week. We worked in the woods, and thought more about where we would position those scenes.

One member led a game where we played follow my leader. Our play is the story of the Pied Piper, so follow my leader is important! In the second round of the game, we led the line as our characters in the play. We are inserting Shakespeare characters into the story of the Pied Piper. I am playing Lady Macbeth and I am one of the corrupt leaders. I did lots of hand washing and muttering and evil grinning! I really liked how this game got us to think about our characters and how they behave, but it also familiarised everyone else with each other’s characters. This is important because we have to know how to interact with one another when we are devising all the scenes in the play.

All being drunk… the leading character was the Porter from Macbeth!

In the main part of the session, we split off into the two groups – the bad spirits, and the corrupt leaders and townsfolk. I am in the corrupt leader category. We ran through what we had worked out the week before, in terms of scene structure. Then we discussed how our characters would interact because we had done more research about them in that past week (our corrupt leaders are Lady Macbeth and Richard III – there’s a complicated power complex!). I found improvising the scene quite hard because I wasn’t 100% comfortable in my character, but after talking it through, I managed to stay in role and do it. It felt good!

I think I have improved in…

–  Improvisation

–  Understanding a character’s motives and how they would act in certain situations

Maya, Senior Group Youth Theatre Member

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