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Session on 19/04/2018

This week was the first week back after the Easter holidays. In the Senior Group we went out into the woods to find a place where our final performance would be and voted on different aspects of the show.

Here is one of the freeze frames that one group did. The photo was taken at dusk!

One activity I enjoyed was at the beginning of the session where we all stood in a circle with our eyes shut. One of us was tapped on the shoulder and that person would be the leader. When we all opened our eyes the leader had to make it clear to everyone else that they were the leader without being too obvious, like saying that they were the leader. We did this once and most of us managed to guess who the leader was. The second time, however, everyone was tapped so it was quite confusing as you would be trying to make someone think you were the leader at the same time as them trying to convince you. The aim of this was to make us think about leadership and how being in charge felt compared to following others.

We also did an activity where we got into groups of 4 and made some freeze frames showing corrupt leadership. This was to link with our theme this term of the Pied Piper story where the corrupt leadership is the Mayor not paying the Piper for his work. My first group had three of us at the bottom of a path working at a river and I was at the top looking down at them. We also split into two larger groups and did a short piece in the style of ‘follow the leader’ where one person was the leader and they led everyone in a line behind them. The people who were following had to mimic the movements and personality of the leader to show how they believed what they thought the leader was doing was right.

Some skills that I improved upon this session were:

~ Freeze framing

~ Thinking about how a space would be good for a show

Dillon, Senior Group Youth Theatre Member

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